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While an update about the BPM conference and the WS-FM workshop I'm currently visiting will follow, I already have something to smile about for some people.

Now we know why the HPI is not a bank ;-)

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Small Cars 

Yesterday I was again quite surprised how big our new car looks in contrast to established ones. At the left hand side you can see an Audi A4 and at the right hand our Peugeot 307SW. Interestingly, the 307 is one class below the A4...

(Ok, I tricked a bit because our car is closer to the camera, but still its a nice difference)

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Still alive 

Sorry for the delay, but I was quite busy the last months. Finishing the lecture on Business Process Management, writing my thesis and preparing papers and talks for conferences. Yes, conferences are coming. Next week is the 4th International Conference on Business Process Management, this year in Vienna. Three highly interesting days and each day a talk by me. Afterward the 3rd International Workshop on Web Services and Formal Methods is taking place. No, I don't talk about Web Services there, but I'm highly interested in the paradigm of Service oriented Architectures. I'm going to talk about my point of view at the EMISA conference taking place in Hamburg later in October.

Besides, I updated my homepage at the HPI, where you can now find a short BIO as well as slides of my talks and most of my publications. I recommend this one if you want a short version of my thesis (that has yet to come). Finally, I won't miss to point you to This blog is maintained by a colleague of mine and focuses on RESTful business process management based on B3MN (an extension of BPMN) and the pi-calculus as a theoretical foundation.
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The all new MacBooks have arrived - blogging and podcast ready! While I was surprised about the technical details (Core Duo, DVI video output, high-resolution screen, but only onboard graphics) the design seems to step back a bit. The white model resembles some MSI notebooks, whereas the black just looks like a Dull. I'm also interesting in getting my fingers on the keyboard, since it now resembles some kind of calculator keyboard:

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Hardcore Java Programmers wanted 

It took some time to reach me - but finally I'm aware of this cool ad from an Amsterdam, The Netherlands based company called Virgil. Very seriously looking they sell streaming data solutions to the financial service industry. But their advertising agency had a sense of humor - Hardcore Java Programmers wanted:

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