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For Sascha 

This blog entry is for Sascha, who discovered and (maybe) read my blog. Luckily for him, I have some additional updates too. So even if this blog is absolutely inofficial (more like a test) you can drop me an email if you actually read this (it might be motivating).

And yes, as this entry is tagged photo, I have one that I always wanted to publish:

This is the truth why we get paid in our "kindergarten for adults" - working in an office is quite dangerous!
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I'd like to tell you from my third visit to Amsterdam. I was a speaker at a workshop on Dynamic Web Processes at the 3rd International Conference on Service Oriented Computing evangelizing people to Pi-Calculus. Actually I talked about some vision named: Toward a Formal for Agile Service Discovery and Integration. Yes I have to confess: The slides contained formulas.

The city itself was a bit disappointing. Amsterdam in winter is way beyond what I remembered like it was in summer. Nevertheless, there was anything you would expect from this city ;-) We were even invited to the city hall, where someone very smart told us about how much Amsterdam has been waiting for a conference on service oriented computing.

The conference itself was quite disappointing. Paying 500 euros just to sit at uncomfortable chairs in a hotel conference room with only coffee delivered - I don't know why they didn't chosed one of the universities having real auditoriums. The conference itself is best described by: Italy and IBM. You either have to have an italien family name or work for IBM, best of all from India. Because I'm not related to any of that, I always felt a bit outside. Nevertheless, six guys from the HPI visiting this conference made it something like a school trip.
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French Cuisine 

Last week I stayed in Nancy, France for a conference on Business Process Management. While the city is a nice location to hang out long into the night (45.000 students from about 300.000 citizens), half of the restaurants are indeed italian-style. As far as I tried it out, the Pizza is very well in several locations at the old town. But what about the world-famous French cuisine? After paying the lump-sum of 500 euros for the conference I was waiting for outré lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, all we got all day long looked like this:

The nice thing about the "gala-dinner" on Wednesday was the location: The hotel de ville! Still they served the same raw meats...

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Holiday Impressions 

With a little delay I'm back again with some impressions from the last two weeks. Our holidays started with some nice looking clouds and warm breezes:

The sky returned the same every once a while, however in between heavy cloudbursts appeared. Of course we were on vacation by tent:

That made us finally gave in and we returned home. Then we had some time to explore our capital Berlin. Here is a nice little picture from somewhere in the center for you to guess what it is about:

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This weekend we did a nice trip from Decín (Czech Republic) to Dresden (Germany) by canoe on the Elbe river. Someone told me that the distance was about 61km. I felt very outpowered afterward. Like working out in the gym for hours with all weights doubled... Here are some impressions from the way:

We started on a foggy day...

Nearly every village on the way welcomed us - but always ANLEGEN VERBOTEN (Landing Prohibited) - of course just at the landing stage for commercial boats.

Finally we arrived at Dresden - unfortunately we had no more power to cruise along the world famous old town.

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