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Yeah, it's summer time! While you might think this website is dead and buried, some things are going on behind the scenes... the meantime, I'm going to give you a short wrap-up of the missing months.

For the first time in my life, the price of diesel went higher than benzine.

This is quite weird, since the German tax system has a much higher charge on benzine than diesel. Still, today, I would be happy if I could fill my car for the shown price.

Knut has grown up in the meantime.

The Malibu Cocktail Bar has been extended towards the beach.

(I love this place. Indeed, there's another picture taken there in this blog).

inubit moved to a new location (and my desk has been relocated, too).

Now there's also enough room for you. If you're a student and interested in BPM research topics (and their practical implementations and evaluations), don't miss this ad. If not, we have also a bunch of other interesting jobs to offer.

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