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EDOC 2014 Paper - Production Case Management 

For all of you interested in the next evolution of BPM/Case Management, we now have an accepted full paper at the EDOC conference taking place later this year in Ulm (

The paper revisites and enhances the ideas presented in one of my most viewed blog entries on Production Case Management (PCM).

While the ideas of PCM can be easily explained in a live demo with a running prototype, writing a scientific paper about a new kind of idea is a different beast. Actually, we (Jan who wrote the Master thesis and I) submitted a first version for the BPM 2013 conference but got rejected.

The feedback of the reviewers made me rethink the ideas and presentation, moving away from the informal style that we originally thought was best to introduce something new. I also introduced the topic to some smart researchers of the Business Process Technology Group of the Hasso-Plattner-Institute, who really adopted the ideas and worked together on the next version.

As we needed to learn the hard way, however, also our "professional" supported try to publish the paper at this years CAiSE conference failed.

We once again took the feedback of the reviewers and rewrote the paper another time, creating the final version that got accepted after three tries tackling the topic of PCM from different angles.

We also have a lot of follow-up ideas---stay tuned!
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