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Last week I attended the 6th International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM2008). In contrast to most other conferences I visited in the past, I didn't had a talk of my own. Instead, I reviewed a bunch of papers and acted as a session chair. The session chair was quite funny, since one of the presenters was unable to finish his speech in time. Indeed, right after he told me that he needed more time, he switched to a slide titled something like "violating time constraints".

The conference itself was very interesting and I met a bunch of old colleagues and yet another one of new contacts. What I found a bit disappointing was the very slow progress in the area of semantics. Nevertheless, other areas like mining or process analysis have moved ahead.

Another interesting news is the fact the you can by unlocked iPhones in Italy for as low as 500 Euro (8GB). This is especially interesting since I've read today that Amazon plans to sell unlocked iPhones in Germany for 750 Euro. My suggestion: Invest the 250 savings in a nice trip (incl. flight and hotel) to Milano. But be warned that a beer costs about 8 Euro in downtown!

Last but not least I'm giving you some impressions:

The Banca Popolare di Milano welcomed us right at the airport.

The building at the Politecnico di Milano where the conference took place.

The crowd of attendees during a break.

Prof. Weske from the HPI, Potsdam presented the web-based modeling tool Oryx.

Paul Harmon, Executive Editor and Founder of gave an interesting keynote.

Milano has a large castle in the center of the city.

A downtown view.

Torben, a colleague of mine, Jan, and myself in the underground.

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