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New Thesis on the Pi-Calculus and BPM 

Today I found some time to provide the Master thesis of Olaf Märker at the BPM spot: A Virtual Machine for Implementing Resources with Dynamic Behavior in the Pi-Calculus (Thesis in German).

Olaf investigated the implementation of a REST-based architecture inside a pi-calculus-based virtual machine. Inside the thesis, you find a neat introduction to Business Process Management (BPM), Service Orientation, Resource Orientation, and the pi-calculus. Afterwards, Olaf married resources and processes and discussed the architecture for a pi-calculus-based resource server. He finally implemented a virtual machine for the pi-calculus based on the ideas introduced earlier.

Olaf also provided the source code written in Ruby, but it requires a lot of additional packages, like Postgresql, plruby, and certain Ruby gems.

So, if you're interested in the future of BPM engines, I highly recommend taking a closer look!


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